EcoGasĀ® system for generating synthesized gas
The Republic of Armenia has large amounts of regenerable energetic resources for generation of electrical and/or thermal energy, particularly on the base of biomass. However, despite noticeable academic advancements in this area, the development and application of renewable energy sources on a production scale is limited due to the lack of fitting effective technologies and technical methods.

"EcoGas" system is one such a method, designed to generate ecologically clean synthesized gas from dry biomass feedstock.
Three modifications of the system are now produced - EcoGas-2, EcoGas-10 and EcoGas-60 generating correspondingly 
1.5, 10 and 60 m3 synthesized gas.
Unique features of the product include:
  • High coefficient of efficiency - 72%
  • Profitability - the synthesized gas is almost 10 times cheaper than existing rates which allows for the payback period to reach 6-12 months
  • Ecological safety