Defrosting system AntiFrost®
The  Antifrost system is designed for protection of orchards and vineyards from early spring frost, as well as increase of pollination efficiency of flowering trees.

The Antifrost system can be used for heating both open spaces and greenhouses.
The  Antifrost system is a Hi-Tech system, assembled on a special trailer. It includes two powerful (up to 200,000m3/h) contrary installed air heaters, working by pulse jet engines (fuel is liquid propane).  The Antifrost system is carried by tractor between the fruit-trees at 7÷ 8 km/h speed. 
The main features of the Antifrost system are:
High efficiency
Easy and safe operation
Environmental friendliness
Low maintenance costs.

The Antifrost system can protect at least 12 ha of territory in a single cycle with fuel capacity enough for 10 hours of continuous use.