Combined Rain Stimulation System RainStim®
Combined rain stimulation system RainStim® is based on two subsystems – negatively charged ion emission and condensation of water micro particles using shockwave generators.  

Rain stimulation method using negatively charged ion emitter is based on powerful electron emitter of pyramid form mounted on high bearing. This apparatus is emitting negatively charged ions and its impact is limited only to the troposphere layer of the atmosphere.

Rain stimulation method using shock waves is based on propagation of acoustic waves in the air when mechanical reciprocation motion of air molecules takes place and processes of compression and rarefaction alternate each other. The alternating pressure in the air leads to oscillatory longitudinal displacement of particles, increasing frequency of particle collisions in the compacted layer. Vapor particles further grow at the expense of surrounding liquid droplets, absorbing more vapors compared to the case of condensation. The growing particles eventually become heavy enough to fall as precipitation.

Simultaneous operation of these two subsystems ensures very reliable results for rain cloud formation and rainfall.

Depending on atmospheric conditions and relevant parameters at site rain stimulation system can change the operation mode and type of influence for making rainfall more probable. Optimal coverage of the system conditioned by atmospheric parameters can vary from 20 to 50 sq. km range. Influence methods are ecologically clean and cannot have adverse environmental impact.