Anti-hail stations obtained via co-financing

5 anti-hail stations installed in Marmashen

Europe Today September 2017 part 1

Agricultural waste as an alternative energy source

Heating via biomass will be 3 times cheaper in countryside

For the first time in Armenia multifunctional jet engines were created

It is possible to have different types of energy in Armenia, which exceed the existing demand three times

The anti-hail frontline

Anti-hail stations in Armavir are loaded and ready

"Europe Today" programme, January 2017, part 2

Waste-heating is possible

New anti-hail systems and drones are built in Armenia

2 new Zenith anti-hail stations were installed in Voskehask

Cheap biofuel is being produced in Armenia

Talin innovation center acquired meteo radar device

Made in Armenia Exhibition


Anti-hail stations are ready for operation

Production of Barva Innovation Center

Sensational opportunity for gas and energy savings

In search of effective utilization of solar energy

There is anti-hail station already operating in Odzun