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Barva innovation center (hereinafter “The Center”) was established in 2005 in Armenia.  It is 100% Armenia based company specialized and focused in R&D and manufacturing of various hi-tech products for various branches of industry.

The Center’s predecessor was a famous R&D center in the Soviet Union specialized in power electronics and semiconductor design. The history of the Center’s innovation and R&D is rich with traditions crystallized over the last 40 years. Its management includes well-respected scientists and engineers, who have extensive experience in R&D and innovation. The Center’s R&D and its innovation processes are integral parts of its culture and values-driven tradition. The Center’s innovation process goes through entire product life cycle starting with concept development and implementation, and end with market introduction.

The Center is intensively engaged in scientific and technical R&D and innovation as well as in manufacturing and installation/setup of high-tech devices and equipment, including in particular, hail suppression systems Zenith®, rain stimulation systems Rainstim®, systems for pruducing pellets from dry biomass(straw,leaves,thin tree branches), high-efficiency burners and boilers working on such pellets, systems for producing syngas Ecogas®, solar (photovoltaic) system and balancing support units, solar water heaters,defrosting systems Antifrost® for protection of plants and orchards, etc.

Anti-hail station Zenith, developed and produced by The Center, received CE Certificate of Compliance to European Standards in April 2015.

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Cheap biofuel is being produced in Armenia

Innovations - made in Armenia